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Prepare to be saved from scrolling through pages and pages of Google searches trying to find the perfect fit for your project. Never. Again.

When I first started as an marketing consultant, I found one of my major tasks was finding the right vendors to help execute the marketing projects I developed with my clients. What I didn’t realize is how long this searching process would take. It would take hours sifting through my research until I found the right fit.

If you aren’t a big company with a full service marketing department (like most of my clients), you aren’t privy to a laundry list of vendors, you have to seek them out yourself. The best part about that? You can find some of the BEST professionals that do AMAZING work, it just takes some time (I know, time is something we all have little of).

So, I decided to say NO MORE to pages and pages of Google searches and developed my own list of the vendors I have built relationships with beyond a computer screen.

At Spark Creative Solutions I bring to you the opportunity to reap the benefits of my extensive research and vetting, and spend more time developing concepts to make your business grow.

Whether you are looking for a specific service, someone to manage your project (I’m your girl!), or you have this fabulous idea but have no idea what you need, you’ve come to the right place.

Working with the right people that fit best with your specific project is one of the biggest assets to a project’s success. Trust between vendor, marketing professional, and client are key pieces to the project puzzle!

Stay up to date with the latest vendors and services at Spark Creative Solutions!


It’s time small businesses get to take advantage of some of the big business perks. No matter what your needs are I have a Creative Solution. Just fill out the questionnaire below, tell me as much about your project as you know so far, (deadline, budget, needs, vision) and let’s get moving!

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